Indonesia Coffee Update 11-29-10

So, here it is, the end of November and still no Sulawesi White Eagle!

The last update I stated that the coffee would be shipped in about 10 days and would likely be here in six weeks. I figured six weeks would give me plenty of time to look good. But alas, the universe did not cooperate!

There seems to be an inverse relationship to receiving orders to the level of demand for those orders. The more we need a coffee order to arrive, the longer it takes. So it is with the White Eagle. Not only did I underbuy the coffee last year, causing us to run out before new crop was available, but weather in Indonesia has effectively stopped most transport, delaying our shipment for weeks. Still, it could be worse than just us inconvenienced by not having a favorite coffee. The intense rains in Indonesia have hampered rescue efforts in Sumatra for the victims of the volcano eruption.

Our producing partners have confirmed a new shipping date and the coffee should be on its way presently. But this will mean that we most likely will not see the coffee until sometime in January.

On a similar note. The rains have also affected the harvest in Sumatra. So far, the quality of the cherries coming into the mill have been such that our partners have yet to do a wet run for us. They expect that the harvest will improve later in the pickings but for now we will have to wait. This is actually better news than what was offered earlier when we were in doubt of even having in wet processed Sumatra coffee. Here's keeping our fingers crossed.


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