Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cambodia announces new DPP coffee.

(Phnom Phen) Coffee farmers in Cambodia today announced a new process coffee for the high end specialty coffee trade, DPP. The process is unique in the world and was discovered by farmers in the Ratanakiri region already famous for its civet processed coffee. Farmers discovered that much of the coffee passed from the civet was being consumed by feral dogs in the area before they were able to harvest the beans. Farmers then traced down the scat of the dogs and were delighted to discover all was not lost. The resulting double ingested coffee produced a unique flavor that the farmers realized would have appeal to the increasingly specialized coffee market. "Nowadays, it seems everybody's getting into the mammalian excreted coffee craze, not just civets, but monkeys and elephants, too. Having our coffee pass through two mammal's digestive tracks gives us a clear advantage," coffee farmer Thun Yesman said. This new coffee is designated as DPP, Double Pooped Process and promises to be the most expensive coffee yet in an already crowded market.


Stacey Beck said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think it's really interesting. I want to find some brooklyn coffee roasters with this. I'm always up for trying new coffee!

Yanyi Laura said...
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Kristine Mayer said...

I am a self-proclaimed addict of coffee. No days that pass that I never drink coffee. Coffee serves as my energizer to keep me going. Luckily, I have a best coffee maker that satisfy and complement my day. I never try drinking DPP coffee. I am curious about it.